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Wool certification information and guidance for our international customers

NZWTA Wool Testing are committed to adding value to the wool clip nationally. We have proudly been part of the New Zealand wool industry for over 50 years and have worked with international partners and customers  from right across the globe.

The NZWTA lab can provide IWTO Test Certificates and Reports on greasy and scoured wool from international sources, and Test Reports on tops and sliver. All testing is performed to IWTO standards. The range of wool certification and testing parameters include: Micron, Yield, Length and Strength, Colour, and Bulk. We also provide fleece testing services for international customers who wish to test individual animals.

The NZWTA Wool Testing team can assist in the import and measurement of samples from any region of the globe. Our simple process for sending wool samples to NZWTA is set out below. If you require additional information or support, please email

Sending wool samples to NZWTA

Sending international wool samples to NZWTA Wool Testing involves three steps – packaging, documentation and courier notification. The notes below provide details on each step to ensure a smooth service. Conformance with the below procedures will minimise the risk of delivery delays to NZWTA Wool Testing, and consequently the risk of delay in testing or inspection.

Step 01: Packaging

1. Pack the sample(s) into one or more boxes

To minimise freight costs, extract/expel any excess air from the sample bags (international air freight will likely be charged on volume rather than weight so pack as tightly as possible). Some countries use a vacuum pack to remove the air from samples and therefore reduce the volume required for the entire parcel.

2. Clearly label each and every box using the 'Address label' tool

Note: The “MPIPS 0007” section on the address label is our code with the national quarantine facility (the Ministry for Primary Industries) to ensure samples can be sent directly to us without the need for irradiation. NZWTA Wool Testing is an approved transitional facility for importing wool and other animal products. We have systems set up in the lab to ensure all imported samples are registered and separated from local samples within the laboratory.

Where there are multiple boxes, the samples will be treated as one consignment. However it is useful to label each box as a series in case they get separated (e.g. “Box 1 of 3”, “Box 2 of 3” etc).

Step 02: Documentation

1. Attach the following two documents/forms to the outside of each and every box:

Slip the documents into a plastic sleeve and tape to the outside of the box.
  • The “Declaration for Samples Exported to NZ” form; and
  • The “Permit to Import Restricted Biological Products of Animal Origin”.

Note: You will need to complete each declaration form. The declaration includes your company name, country of origin, wool type, country of scouring (if applicable) and signature. You do not need to sign or write anything on the Import Permit.

Step 03: Courier Service

1. Contact your local courier service provider to collect the consignment.

We recommend using FedEx or DHL as they have offices in New Zealand. 

2. Advise NZWTA Wool Testing (via email) of the impending delivery

using the tracking code or airway bill number. This will allow us to follow the samples through New Zealand quarantine and ensure they reach the laboratory in the shortest possible timeframe.

Step 01: Packaging

If you have any general queries about alpaca fibre testing, please contact our team for assistance at or phone +64 (06) 835 1086

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Carpet and flooring tests we offer:

  • Constructional details
  • Appearance retention
  • Performance
  • Fibre content
  • Flammability
  • Colour fastness to various agencies 
  • Compression testing
  • Staining
  • Delamination
  • Fibre loss
  • Pilling and fuzzing
  • Underlay tests
  • Abrasion
  • Static propensity
  • ACCS tests
  • Insect resist agents (Permethrin, Bifenthrin)

Products we regularly test:

  • Wool and synthetic carpets
  • Hard flooring
  • ACCS graded carpet
  • Underlay

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