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NZWTA Wool Testing has been an integral part of the New Zealand wool industry for over 50 years, consistently maintaining a solid reputation for quality, expertise, reliability and service. We are the go-to lab partner for wool sampling, fleece and wool testing and certification.

At NZWTA, we are committed to high standards that reach beyond just the test certificate. Our dedicated, experienced, and friendly team are here to help – with expert knowledge and guidance across all aspects of wool testing. Trust and integrity are at the forefront of everything we do – and the reason customers continually choose to partner with us.

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NZWTA Textiles and Materials Testing is proud to partner with importers, manufacturers, and consumers to assess and affirm the quality, safety and value of products and materials for a wide range of industries, here in New Zealand and across the world.

Our dedicated, experienced, and friendly team are here to help – with expert knowledge and guidance, and top-of-the-line fabric, product, material and textile testing capabilities and technologies within our laboratories.

NZWTA Textiles and Materials Testing is here for all your testing, assessing and accreditation needs. Explore our site via the links below, or for any specific queries, do not hesitate to contact the team direct.

New Zealand Wool Testing Authority Ltd (NZWTA) is owned by the Australian Wool Testing Authority Ltd (AWTA). AWTA is a company limited by guarantee, and in effect owned by the wool industry. It is the world’s largest wool testing institution. This structure allows NZWTA to focus on serving our customers with accurate objective testing services, whilst also developing and contributing to projects and solutions that will benefit the wider wool industry.

Capabilities and services

NZWTA Wool Testing is New Zealand’s leading independent fleece and wool testing facility, offering an extensive and reliable service to farmers, brokers, merchants, exporters and lifestyle block owners.

Our wool testing team have worked internationally for 30 years, gaining expertise in testing wool, alpaca fleece, as well as other animal fibres. NZWTA provides a comprehensive service for international customers, utilising industry-leading technology to ensure all testing is conducted to International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO) test standards. We are also able to provide practical in-market support.

Tests we offer

NZWTA Wool Testing can provide IWTO Test Certificates and Reports on greasy wool, scoured wool, slipe wool, sliver and tops,  from both New Zealand and international sources. 

We are also able to provide Pesticide Residue Tests, Chemical Tests and Fleece tests. Through the NZWTA Textiles and Materials lab, we can also offer a wide range of testing – from carpets to sleep surfaces, high visibility clothing, flammability and traffic management equipment.


  • Length & Strength
  • Wool Yield Measurement
  • Fibre Fineness Measurement
  • LAC Test


  • Fibre Fineness Measurement
  • Colour Measurement
  • Staple Strength Variation
  • Wool Yield Calculation

Request a test

Use this form to request an alpaca or a sheep wool test from our lab. If you’re not sure on the exact testing required, please contact our team for assistance at testing@nzwta.co.nz.

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